Friday, March 29, 2013

IPL threat to Indian sovereignty

Suddenly, IPL is opening up cracks in Indian sovereignty. A bad precedent is being set by blocking Sri Lankan players from entering Tamil Nadu, but allowing them to enjoy the rest of India. Everybody seems to be focused on the advantage it gives the Chennai Superkings, but nobody has picked up the Indian pride angle yet. 

India is already set to condemn the war atrocities of Sri Lanka which the Sinhalese majority in that country had managed to hide from the world for a long time. But apparently only Tamil Nadu feels outraged while the rest of India goes "Meh". If this pattern continues, we will have low morale across many institutions, including the Indian military.

What's next? If there is trouble in Bangladesh against non-Muslim Bengalis and they scamper to the West Bengal border, will the IPL only block the Bangladeshi players from playing in West Bengal? Are only Indian      Christians supposed to feel the pain when Christians are attacked in Egypt and Iraq? Are only Indian Shias supposed to feel the pain when a mosque is bombed in Pakistan? Are only Indian Sunnis supposed to be outraged when Syria starts gassing its own citizens?

This is a slippery slope. You can pretty much guarantee that Tamilians and concerned Indians will be protesting outside all cricket grounds in Maharashtra, Delhi and anywhere else they muster enough numbers. And it will not take long for BJP and Shivsena to represent the Indian side of the coin. IPL may be tax free, but it is merely a vehicle for filling up Congress coffers in various quarters.

Whatever happened to the solidarity that was shown during the South African apartheid era?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009

Casteism in non-vedic religions

The current violence in Punjab has caste overtones. The Sikh religion essentially began as a religion of people under Ibrahim Lodhi's regime. It attracted additional followers in the turbulent period of Mughal oppression and eventually ended up as a collection of groups that retained their caste identities. So a Virk considered himself superior to a Gill; a very Hindu Manuvadi phenomenon. Similar caste transplants are also seen among Southern Christians.

Caste in itself is not bad; the discrimination and violence is. Caste and language based favouritism is too well entrenched in India to be removed. So while religious discrimination wanes, casteism and linguistic favouritism flourish. Caste is well entrenched in "son of the soil" and OBC/BC/MBC/SC/ST politics and any removal of caste politics and violence will have to address those quota based preferences without using caste as a factor. The C in OBC really stands for Caste and not Class.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bye Bye Harbhajan

Here is an article by a Malayalee author as to why Sreesanth is not the most popular Keralite. The article also mentions previous interactions between Harbhajan and Sreesanth. The article's premise is now justified.

Sreesanth just does not know when to stop assing around. He has got some enormous loose screws in his head and his actions have caused an end to Harbhajan's international cricket career. Harbhajan is a loose screw himself, but like any hotheaded Punjabi, he goes mad when he is right, unlike Sreesanth, who goes nuts whenever he thinks he has an advantage, which is pretty much all the time.

He got the eight wicket in the 20-20 match against Mumbai, walked over to the other side of the crease and gave the close walk/talk to the player that got out. He did that a couple of times to Robin Uthappa too before that. After the end of the game, Harbhajan slapped him in the field. Even though it is Harbhajan whose career will be over now, it is Sreesanth who has had the last laugh(or cry) by making sure that everybody knew what Harbhajan did. His revenge against Harbhajan is now complete.By crying and not retaliating, Sreesanth has preserved his own career for now.

I am sure Sreesanth was scared and emotionally hurt and it was not an act. Whatever it was, Harbhajan's career is done, given what happened in Australia. So we have a case of 20-20 causing damage to the Indian team. There is no better off spinner around in India at this point in time.

I also think that the owners will stop showing up to support their team with the same fervour going forward. Anybody who has support galli cricket and other local forms of cricket knows that supporting your team at close quarters is not a fun experience when you get the see the ugly and unsportsman conduct that usually happens.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Security for women needs to be increased...

Security needs to be improved for women in the northern parts of India, including Punjab. There has been a consistent pattern of harassment or ever more criminal behavior towards women that wear western dress or show any public display of affection. The attitude of men in these case seem to be a case of ownership.

It is a sign of a society that is not yet civil. Strict measures need to be taken to allow women basic freedom.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The female infanticide song....

I really "liked" the title of that blog. So here goes the poem.

Female female go away...

We do not want the dowry day...

Mother in law says you got to be slayed..

Husband says I'm incapable

Of having a boy that brings him joy....

Even though his sperm is what decides,

They taunt me for what I have inside....

So we are going to India,

And you will meet your maker soon..

Female female go away...

Female female go away...we do not want the dowry day...

Here's a tradition Punjabis have taken with them from Punjab to the UK. Maybe the British passport for the Punjabi woman going to India should indicate as to whether she is pregnant or not and how far along the pregnancy she is. Cause once she is in India, aborting the female child is as easy as renting a taxi.

How many Punjabi families do you know where there are no boys? And how many do you know where there are no girls? No need to tell me the answer. I rest my case.